About the Ajax Community

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Ajax is part of Durham Region, one of the fastest growing areas of Ontario with a current population of almost 110,000, and hundreds of new homes being built every year. The Town has a vibrant business community, with more than 1,900 businesses and a labour force of close to 42,000.

The retail sector in Ajax is primarily located along Highway 2 (Kingston Rd.) on the North side of the 401 and Bayly Ave. to the South. A large regional shopping centre, featuring a variety of stores from Costco and Chapters to Winners and HomeSense, is located at the junction of Highway 2 and Harwood. Other popular retail locations such as Best Buy, Canadian Tire, Walmart, Sport Chek can be found nearby in adjacent shopping centres. The closest indoor malls can be found in neighbouring Pickering and Oshawa. A far as restaurants go, Ajax is home to a wide range of franchised restaurants including Boston Pizza, Shoeless Joe’s, Swiss Chalet and Kelsey’s, a variety of pubs including Fionn McCools, Magwyers and Portly Piper, a popular Keg Restaurant , and a variety of independents from 22 Church Steakhouse, Makimono Sushi (Japanese) and Casa Verde (Italian) to Mount Everest (Indian), Mexico Lindo and The Red Kitchen (Thai & Vietnamese).

As is true for most suburban areas in the Greater Toronto Area, Ajax has grown considerably since the 1980s. What was once a small town mostly surrounded by agricultural areas has increasingly become a bedroom community to Toronto and its environs. Many residents commute to work in Toronto, by car or via the recently expanded Go Train facility in town, or to other municipalities in Durham Region.

Residents of Ajax enjoy a growing range of excellent municipal services of city quality in a mid-sized town setting. Ajax’s six kilometres of waterfront remain largely undeveloped for the enjoyment of everyone, with acres of parkland and natural areas as well as playgrounds and two waterparks. The town has three Recreation centres, one in South Ajax and two in the North featuring a wide variety of recreational facilities from ice rinks and swimming pools to fitness clubs, soccer fields, baseball diamonds and tennis courts. The town has two central libraries, two fire stations along several community meeting halls and an outdoor public swimming pool.

As a rapidly-growing community, Ajax includes a vibrant mix of established and new neighbourhoods. The diversity of population can be seen every day, and at regular community events such as Home Week, Ajax Family Festival, Taste of Ajax among others.

The downtown core of Ajax, along Harwood South of the 401, is gradually being re-shaped with one major new development, Pat Bayly Square, already under construction and a second, Grand Harwood Place, recently approved. Pat Bayly Square at the corner of Harwood Ave. and Balyly Street is a 9 acre plot of land that will become a mixture of retail, residential and office space as well as a civic square with an outdoor ice skating rink. Grand Harwood square, across from Ajax Town Hall on Harwood Ave. will feature a combination of residential and retail.

Regional Municipality of Durham

Town of Ajax

Ajax: Elementary School Rankings

Rank Rank in the most recent five years Trend School Name City 2013-14 Rating Rating in the most recent five years Schools found: 30
276/3037 162/2348 St Francis de Sales Ajax 8.1 8.1 Add to compare
445/3037 1021/2348 Duffin’s Bay Ajax 7.7 6.4 Add to compare
656/3037 1211/2348 Nottingham Ajax 7.3 6.1 Add to compare
721/3037 804/2348 Lester B Pearson Ajax 7.2 6.7 Add to compare
721/3037 1377/2348 Notre-Dame-de-la-Jeunesse Ajax 7.2 5.8 Add to compare
796/3037 1211/2348 Westney Heights Ajax 7.1 6.1 Add to compare
872/3037 804/2348 Alexander Graham Bell Ajax 7.0 6.7 Add to compare
872/3037 1557/2348 Cadarackque Ajax 7.0 5.5 Add to compare
938/3037 1211/2348 Carruthers Creek Ajax 6.9 6.1 Add to compare
938/3037 n/a n/a St Josephine Bakhita Ajax 6.9 n/a Add to compare
1006/3037 1090/2348 St Patrick Ajax 6.8 6.3 Add to compare
1151/3037 1021/2348 Eagle Ridge Ajax 6.6 6.4 Add to compare
1151/3037 1021/2348 Vimy Ridge Ajax 6.6 6.4 Add to compare
1220/3037 n/a n/a da Vinci Ajax 6.5 n/a Add to compare
1305/3037 1090/2348 Brother Andre Ajax 6.4 6.3 Add to compare
1469/3037 941/2348 Romeo Dallaire Ajax 6.2 6.5 Add to compare
1469/3037 1146/2348 St Catherine of Siena Ajax 6.2 6.2 Add to compare
1469/3037 1273/2348 St Bernadette Ajax 6.2 6.0 Add to compare
1469/3037 1557/2348 Applecroft Ajax 6.2 5.5 Add to compare
1469/3037 1663/2348 Lincoln Alexander Ajax 6.2 5.3 Add to compare
1549/3037 n/a n/a Southwood Park Ajax 6.1 n/a Add to compare
1628/3037 734/2348 Lakeside Ajax 6.0 6.8 Add to compare
1628/3037 1432/2348 Roland Michener Ajax 6.0 5.7 Add to compare
1758/3037 1745/2348 Lincoln Avenue Ajax 5.8 5.1 Add to compare
1824/3037 1332/2348 Mother Teresa Ajax 5.7 5.9 Add to compare
1894/3037 1745/2348 Terry Fox Ajax 5.6 5.1 Add to compare
1894/3037 1840/2348 Bolton C Falby Ajax 5.6 4.9 Add to compare
2134/3037 1783/2348 Dr Roberta Bondar Ajax 5.2 5.0 Add to compare
2319/3037 1377/2348 St Jude Ajax 4.8 5.8 Add to compare
2789/3037 2107/2348 Lord Elgin Ajax 3.5 4.1 Add to compare

Ajax: Secondary School Rankings

-14 Rank Rank in the most recent five years Trend School Name City 2013-14 Rating Rating in the most recent five years Schools found: 5
563/749 532/693 Ajax Ajax 5.0 5.1 Add to compare
547/749 473/693 Archbishop Denis O’Connor Ajax 5.1 5.5 Add to compare
344/749 355/693 Pickering Ajax 6.4 6.2 Add to compare
325/749 435/693 Notre Dame Ajax 6.5 5.7 Add to compare
306/749 473/693 J Clarke Richardson Ajax 6.6 5.5 Add to compare