About the Oshawa Community

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Oshawa, with a population of over 150,000, is located along the shores of Lake Ontario approximately 60 kilometres east of downtown Toronto. It is commonly viewed as the eastern anchor of the Greater Toronto Area and of the Golden Horseshoe. It is the largest municipality in the Regional Municipality of Durham. The name Oshawa originates from the Ojibwa term aazhaway, meaning “the crossing place” or “just across”.

Downtown Oshawa is a vibrant mix of business, culture, entertainment and academia; a place where people come to work, learn, live, enjoy art and music, watch live sporting events, meet for drinks and enjoy great food. The first Friday of each month, hundreds gather at Downtown Oshawa’s Robert McLaughlin Gallery (R.M.G.) to celebrate local creative talent. The R.M.G. is the largest public gallery in Durham region, occupying an inspiring 36,000 square-foot building designed by world-renowned architect Arthur Erikson. It features a permanent collection of over 4,000 works of art and four galleries of diverse and changing exhibitions and two art studios.

In September, Downtown Oshawa becomes an active art gallery featuring talented local artists exhibiting over 1,000 works of art through Oshawa Space Invaders. The Oshawa Public Library and The General Motors Centre are also located downtown and the latter is front and center as Durham Region’s premier sports and entertainment facility, hosting major concerts including Sir Elton John, Bob Dylan, the Tragically Hip and Kiss to name a few. Music can also be heard at the historic Regent Theatre that is home to the Ontario Philharmonic and has showcased acts such as Hedley and 54-40. Local music talent can also be heard at the Moustache Club, Wasted Space and the Junction.

From a retail perspective, residents of Oshawa are served by the regional, and newly expanded Oshawa Town Centre Mall as well as a wide variety of  smaller shopping centres anchored by such stores as National Sports, Canadian Tire, Home Depot and Best Buy.

A far as restaurants go, Whitby is home to a wide range of franchised restaurants including Mandarin, St. Louis Bar & Grill, Buster Rhino’s, and Shoeless Joe’s, a popular Keg Restaurant, a variety of pubs including The Crooked Uncle, The Bulldog, Thirsty Monk and Riley’s and a wide selection of independent casual and fine dining restaurants including  Wildfire Steakhouse & Wine Bar, Avanti Trattoria, Fazio’s, Kakemono Sushi Bar, El Stavro’s Steakhouse and Harpo’s,

Oshawa is the site of Lakeridge Health Oshawa, formerly Oshawa General Hospital. Lakeridge Health is one of Ontario’s largest community hospitals, serving people across Durham Region and beyond. The facility also houses the R.S. McLaughlin Durham Regional Cancer Centre (one of the top ranked cancer centers for quality by Cancer Care Ontario).

GO Transit trains connect the city with Toronto, Hamilton and points between. GO Transit buses provide service from Oshawa along the Highway 401 and Highway 2 corridors in Durham Region and to Toronto and York Region. GO Transit bus service is also provided from Oshawa Train station to Clarington and Peterborough via the downtown bus terminal. The Oshawa Station is owned by the national rail carrier Via Rail, which operates a service along the Quebec City–Windsor Corridor.

Regional Municipality of Durham

Oshawa: Elementary School Rankings

2013-14 Rank Rank in the most recent five years Trend School Name City 2013-14 Rating Rating in the most recent five years Schools found: 39
74/3037 1090/2348 Father Joseph Venini Oshawa 9.0 6.3 Add to compare
238/3037 123/2348 Dr S J Phillips Oshawa 8.2 8.3 Add to compare
495/3037 n/a n/a Clara Hughes Oshawa 7.6 n/a Add to compare
656/3037 416/2348 Coronation Oshawa 7.3 7.4 Add to compare
656/3037 878/2348 Pierre Elliott Trudeau Oshawa 7.3 6.6 Add to compare
721/3037 n/a n/a Seneca Trail Oshawa 7.2 n/a Add to compare
796/3037 1332/2348 Corpus-Christi Oshawa 7.1 5.9 Add to compare
1006/3037 416/2348 Norman G. Powers Oshawa 6.8 7.4 Add to compare
1006/3037 734/2348 Antonine Maillet Oshawa 6.8 6.8 Add to compare
1305/3037 1332/2348 Sunset Heights Oshawa 6.4 5.9 Add to compare
1391/3037 804/2348 St John Bosco Oshawa 6.3 6.7 Add to compare
1469/3037 1896/2348 Kedron Oshawa 6.2 4.8 Add to compare
1628/3037 804/2348 Sherwood Oshawa 6.0 6.7 Add to compare
1628/3037 878/2348 John XXIII Oshawa 6.0 6.6 Add to compare
1628/3037 941/2348 Stephen G Saywell Oshawa 6.0 6.5 Add to compare
1690/3037 n/a n/a David Bouchard Oshawa 5.9 n/a Add to compare
1894/3037 1840/2348 Adelaide Mclaughlin Oshawa 5.6 4.9 Add to compare
2004/3037 1840/2348 Waverly Oshawa 5.4 4.9 Add to compare
2063/3037 2107/2348 College Hill Oshawa 5.3 4.1 Add to compare
2190/3037 1496/2348 Grandview Oshawa 5.1 5.6 Add to compare
2190/3037 n/a n/a St Thomas Aquinas Oshawa 5.1 n/a Add to compare
2319/3037 1783/2348 Sir Albert Love Oshawa 4.8 5.0 Add to compare
2319/3037 2290/2348 Village Union Oshawa 4.8 2.7 Add to compare
2419/3037 1696/2348 Beau Valley Oshawa 4.6 5.2 Add to compare
2470/3037 1995/2348 Harmony Heights Oshawa 4.5 4.5 Add to compare
2561/3037 2231/2348 Bobby Orr Oshawa 4.3 3.4 Add to compare
2604/3037 1840/2348 St Joseph Oshawa 4.2 4.9 Add to compare
2670/3037 2058/2348 Monsignor Philip Coffey Oshawa 4.0 4.3 Add to compare
2696/3037 2261/2348 Woodcrest Oshawa 3.9 3.1 Add to compare
2696/3037 2277/2348 Queen Elizabeth Oshawa 3.9 2.9 Add to compare
2716/3037 1840/2348 Vincent Massey Oshawa 3.8 4.9 Add to compare
2789/3037 2026/2348 St Christopher Oshawa 3.5 4.4 Add to compare
2789/3037 2312/2348 Lakewoods Oshawa 3.5 2.4 Add to compare
2870/3037 2085/2348 Athabasca Street Oshawa 3.0 4.2 Add to compare
2882/3037 2283/2348 Dr C F Cannon Oshawa 2.9 2.8 Add to compare
2889/3037 2324/2348 Glen Street Oshawa 2.8 2.0 Add to compare
2917/3037 2231/2348 Gordon B Attersley Oshawa 2.5 3.4 Add to compare
2942/3037 n/a n/a Hillsdale Oshawa 2.3 n/a Add to compare
2961/3037 n/a n/a Mary Street Community Oshawa 2.0 n/a Add to compare

Oshawa: Secondary School Rankings

Rank Rank in the most recent five years Trend School Name City 2013-14 Rating Rating in the most recent five years Schools found: 8
136/749 220/693 O’Neill Oshawa 7.5 6.9 Add to compare
344/749 322/693 S. McLaughlin Oshawa 6.4 6.4 Add to compare
406/749 457/693 Maxwell Heights Oshawa 6.1 5.6 Add to compare
637/749 505/693 Eastdale Oshawa 4.3 5.3 Add to compare
502/749 547/693 Monsignor John Pereyma Oshawa 5.5 4.9 Add to compare