About the Whitby Community

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Whitby, with a population of over 125,000 residents lies just east of Ajax on the north shore of Lake Ontario, and is home to the headquarters of Durham Region. It is approximately a 30-minute drive to the Toronto borough of Scarborough, and it is known as a commuter suburb in the eastern part of the Greater Toronto Area. While the southern portion of Whitby is predominantly urban, and an economic hub, the northern part of the municipality is more rural and includes the communities of Ashburn, Brooklin, Myrtle and Myrtle Station.

Whitby combines a small-town atmosphere with the sophistication and amenities of a large urban centre. Arts and culture contribute significantly to the quality of life in Whitby promoting health, family enjoyment, community interaction, learning, and creativity. There are many arts and cultural assets in Whitby including the Whitby Public Library and Whitby Museum in downtown Whitby.

Residents and visitors enjoy art exhibitions and displays at the Station Gallery and local theatrical performances offered by the Whitby Courthouse Theatre. The Centennial Building is an anchor in Whitby’s arts and culture community and is home to the Whitby Courthouse Theatre and the Whitby Brass Band, a volunteer community band that will proudly mark 150 years in 2013!

Celebration Square, adjacent to the Whitby Central Public Library, is an outdoor community gathering space. The Square offers Whitby residents the opportunity to enjoy arts and cultural events at a unique outdoor venue.

Over 470 businesses are located in Downtown Whitby including a wide range of unique independent shops, restaurants and pubs. The architecture highlights its unique charm, and historic buildings host an eclectic mix of businesses and services. A stroll through the Downtown core will likely lead you to the verandas of Pearson Lanes, a historical development that houses individual boutiques, retail merchants and services.

In addition to the boutiques and shops in downtown Whitby, residents of Whitby can visit the local Whitby Mall or travel a short distance to regional malls in Oshawa to the East and Pickering to the West as well as a variety of shopping centres in town anchored by such stores as Canadian Tire, Michaels, Solutions, SAIL, Hockey Life, Kitchen Stuff Plus, Best Buy and of course Walmart.

A far as restaurants go, Whitby is home to a wide range of franchised restaurants including Jack Astors, Milestones, Baton Rouge and Lone Star Texas Grill, a variety of pubs including Charley Ronick’s Pub, Trinity Irish Pub, Tap & Tankard and Royal Oak and perhaps the best selection of independent restaurants in Durham including  A Tavola Bistro,  Bistro ’67, Brother’s Ristorante, Mondo Ristorante, Chatterpauls, Bella Notte Ristorante, 1847 Wine & Beer Bistro, Shrimp Cocktail, Hot Rocks Creative Diner and many more.

Regional Municipality of Durham

Town of Whitby

Whitby: Elementary School Rankings

2013-14 Rank Rank in the most recent five years Trend School Name City 2013-14 Rating Rating in the most recent five years Schools found: 29
63/3037 n/a n/a Earl A Fairman Whitby 9.1 n/a Add to compare
149/3037 566/2348 St Mark the Evangelist Whitby 8.5 7.1 Add to compare
238/3037 467/2348 Sir Samuel Steele Whitby 8.2 7.3 Add to compare
276/3037 233/2348 Jack Miner Whitby 8.1 7.9 Add to compare
310/3037 123/2348 Colonel J E Farewell Whitby 8.0 8.3 Add to compare
391/3037 511/2348 Fallingbrook Whitby 7.8 7.2 Add to compare
445/3037 467/2348 Blair Ridge Whitby 7.7 7.3 Add to compare
445/3037 1021/2348 Pringle Creek Whitby 7.7 6.4 Add to compare
495/3037 467/2348 St Paul Whitby 7.6 7.3 Add to compare
603/3037 467/2348 St Luke the Evangelist Whitby 7.4 7.3 Add to compare
603/3037 675/2348 St Matthew the Evangelist Whitby 7.4 6.9 Add to compare
603/3037 734/2348 St John the Evangelist Whitby 7.4 6.8 Add to compare
603/3037 n/a n/a Chris Hadfield Whitby 7.4 n/a Add to compare
603/3037 n/a n/a Whitby Shores Whitby 7.4 n/a Add to compare
721/3037 566/2348 Jean-Paul II Whitby 7.2 7.1 Add to compare
796/3037 1090/2348 Glen Dhu Whitby 7.1 6.3 Add to compare
938/3037 878/2348 St Bernard Whitby 6.9 6.6 Add to compare
1006/3037 1021/2348 Dr Robert Thornton Whitby 6.8 6.4 Add to compare
1151/3037 734/2348 Captain Michael VandenBos Whitby 6.6 6.8 Add to compare
1220/3037 675/2348 Robert Munsch Whitby 6.5 6.9 Add to compare
1220/3037 878/2348 Ormiston Whitby 6.5 6.6 Add to compare
1305/3037 941/2348 John Dryden Whitby 6.4 6.5 Add to compare
1469/3037 878/2348 Williamsburg Whitby 6.2 6.6 Add to compare
1690/3037 1211/2348 Bellwood Whitby 5.9 6.1 Add to compare
1758/3037 1377/2348 St Marguerite d’Youville Whitby 5.8 5.8 Add to compare
1758/3037 1614/2348 C E Broughton Whitby 5.8 5.4 Add to compare
2235/3037 1614/2348 West Lynde Whitby 5.0 5.4 Add to compare
2319/3037 941/2348 St Theresa Whitby 4.8 6.5 Add to compare
2604/3037 1840/2348 Sir William Stephenson Whitby 4.2 4.9 Add to compare

Whitby: Secondary School Rankings

2013-14 Rank Rank in the most recent five years Trend School Name City 2013-14 Rating Rating in the most recent five years Schools found: 7
163/749 176/693 Donald A. Wilson Whitby 7.3 7.1 Add to compare
215/749 124/693 Sinclair Whitby 7.0 7.4 Add to compare
215/749 238/693 Father Leo J Austin Whitby 7.0 6.8 Add to compare
215/749 275/693 All Saints Whitby 7.0 6.6 Add to compare
371/749 373/693 Anderson Whitby 6.3 6.1 Add to compare
392/749 505/693 Saint-Charles-Garnier Whitby 6.2 5.3 Add to compare
596/749 519/693 Henry Street Whitby 4.8 5.2 Add to compare